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Наличност: Спряно от продажба
Състояние: Използвано
Баркод: 9780955829802
Търговски код: 29061

E. Good | The Beatles the illustrated biography

24.90 лв.
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  • E. Good | The Beatles the illustrated biography

    From the moment John, Paul, George and Ringo began playing together in the Summer of 1962, a pop legend was well and truly born. From their Liverpool roots the Beatles crafted a musical unique style with the classical trained background talents of their Producer, George Martin, and thus took the world of popular music by storm with what became known as Beatlemania.

    A Fab collection of full-page photos, from back in the day when they played and laughed together. From their first days together, to their first world tour in 1963, to the end when they dissolved the band in 1970. 

    Lot of fun caught in these images, playful moods at studio sessions, live on stage and in-between. Many have not be published before and descriptions where and when the photo was taken are provided.
    They were a phenomenon that defined the sixties and their legacy is still very much alive today almost 50 years later. A visual treat for any Beatles Fan.