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  • Frida Kahlo is regarded as one of the most significant artists of the twentieth century. Her tragic personal life has been the subject of numerous biographies and a major film starring Salma Hayek. In recent times, public interest in Kahlo's life has threatened to eclipse serious consideration of her artistic achievement. This beautifully produced publication presents an enlightening retrospective of her work, refocusing on the artistic qualities that have made her paintings some of the most iconic images of the last hundred years.

    Presenting major works alongside the lesser known, and incorporating paintings, drawings and photographs, the volume offers a thoroughly researched, accessible overview of her life's work. At the heart of the book, lavishly illustrated thematic sections illuminate the genres and themes which motivated her art, offering an ideal introductory survey, while also enabling those readers more familiar with her work to encounter some of her most famous pieces afresh. works, a chronology charts the dramatic events of her personal, artistic and political life is combined with an extensive, illustrated glossary explaining the symbolic background to certain key elements that recur in her paintings, making this an essential purchase for anyone with an interest in this most public and yet enigmatic of artists.