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  • How easy is for the experts to tell a genuine piece from a copy and how do you know what you are buying is right? For hundreds of years man has faked and forged, artist has copied artist.

    How To Spot A Fake guides you through the hazards of antique buying. It provides specialist advice on a wide variety of antiques, from pottery, porcelain and glass to furniture, silver and collectables. Including some of the great fakes and forgeries of all time, for example Hans Van Meegeren's " Van Meets". 

    The specialist clearly point out the details of antiques that mark their true age and value. They reveal how to be on guard against being duped, what techniques are used for ageing, how to look for restoration and what to ask for when getting a receipt. 

    With a wealth of information, fascinating stories and over 300 colored photographs of both originals and their copies, Antiques Roadshow: How To Spot A Fake is and essential guide for the amateur antiques buyer. 

    • Please Note : The books we sell are second hand and range in condition from 'as new' to 'well-read' . But all are un-torn, complete and with no loose pages. Books that have had a harder life are offered at a discount in the store only.