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  • Sailing is becoming more and more extreme, as technological advancements mean that vessels are getting faster, while sailors are better equipped than ever to conquer the elements and explore uncharted waters with sophisticated satellite navigation systems. Today s sailors have an insatiable desire to smash records and make history, conquering near-impossible weather conditions and treacherous icy waters in the process.

    Maritime marathons such as The Race, in which competitors circumnavigate the globe in as fast a time as possible, are springing up around the globe and attracting more and more fearless individuals. "Extreme Sail" is a circumnavigation of the most extreme maritime featsincluding the Vendee Globe, the Sydney-Hobart, the America's Cup, and the Ostar. Engaging text is accompanied by visually breathtaking photographs capturing the true spirit of extreme sailing. There are also quotes throughout from sailors who have participated in extreme events, and a gazetteer at the back of the book gives information on all the races, events, and competitions mentioned."