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  • Anthony Capella | The Food of Love

    The success of Like Water for Chocolate and Chocolat (not to mention their film adaptations) and films such as Big Night and Babette’s Feast confirms that fine food and romance are a winning combination. The Food of Love, Anthony Capella’s delicious first novel, follows suit and tempts readers to devour it at one sitting.

    Laura, a twentysomething American, is on her first trip to Italy. She’s completely enamored of the art, beauty, and, of course, food that Rome has to offer. Soon she’s enamored of the handsome and charming Tomasso, too, who tells her he’s a chef at the famed Templi restaurant and proceeds to woo her with his gastronomic creations. But Tomasso hasn’t been entirely truthful—he’s really just a waiter.

    The master chef behind the tantalizing meals is his talented but shy friend Bruno, who loves Laura from afar. Thus begins a classic comedy of errors full of romance, culinary magic, and the sensual atmosphere of Italy. The result is a delightful debut novel to be savored by all readers of romantic comedy, connoisseurs of armchair travel, and the ever-growing audience for writings about food.