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Наличност: Спряно от продажба
Състояние: Използвано
Баркод: 9780006483830
Търговски код: 2271
Категория: Fiction

Arthur C Clarke and Michael P Kube - McDowell | The Trigger

7.90 лв.
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  • Arthur C Clarke and Michael P Kube - McDowell | The Trigger

    Without war, we’d hardly have any history. Without murder, we’d hardly have any fiction. Then along came the Trigger … the only true promise of peace that technology has ever devised.

    From the legendary Arthur C. Clarke, in collaboration with Michael Kube-McDowell of Star Wars fame, comes a chilling day-after-tomorrow thriller.

    Jeffrey Horton of Terabyte Laboratories is the brilliant, driven and idealistic scientist responsible for the discovery of the Trigger. It was an accidental discovery. When Horton fired up his prototype analogue of a laser it triggered all nearby explosive material. In that moment, an end to the power of the gun became feasible. In future, a firearm – or a bomb – could be made powerless to harm the innocent. The Trigger might even mean an end to war.

    Patriotism dictates that Terabyte hands over the science to the Pentagon. Idealism demands the invention be given to the whole world, regardless of politics.

    But in a world where violence has reached epidemic proportions, too many people have a stake in the business of violence to give peace a chance. Clarke and McDowell offer a startling vision of the future in which the fate of humankind depends on who controls THE TRIGGER.