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  • Наличност: Спряно от производство
  • Категория: Fiction
  • Баркод: 9780140100327
  • Търговски код: 38075
  • ISBN: 0140100326

  • Colette | Chance Acquaintances and Julie de Carneilhan 

    Set in pre-war Paris, Julie de Carneilhan tells of the complex relationship between proud but impoverished Julie and her former husband, the Comte d'Espivant, who has remarried a wealthy widow. Julie de Carneilhan was the last full-length novel Colette was to write and was 'as close a reckoning with the elements of her second marriage as she ever allowed herself.'

    In Chance Acquaintances, Colette visits a health resort, accompanied only by her cat. While there, she befriends the handsome Gerard Haume and his invalid wife Antoinette and is unwittingly caught up in the mysterious and disturbing events which befall them.