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  • Автор: Douglas Adams & Stephen Fry
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  • Douglas Adams & Stephen Fry | The Salmon Of Doubt

    This collection is the unique last word from one of the world's most successful and best loved science fiction writers and represents an important, fascinating and characteristically hilarious legacy. Other inclusions are transcripts of the radio series HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE FUTURE and Adams' essays, articles, and lectures.

    'Douglas Adams created a new comic genre, and peopled a whole other world through his work' FINANCIAL TIMES 'His ability to connect cosmic ideas with the banal commonplaces of everyday life was unique' STEPHEN FRY 'With his fondness for paradox, his galactic perspective on things and his wonderful way with meaningful nonsense, his are the books that have launched a trillion quips . . . the Lewis Carroll of the twentieth century' OBSERVER