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  • Автор: Ivan Doig
  • Баркод : 9780743201360

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  • Ivan Doig | Prairie Nocturne

    Prairie Nocturne is the epic saga of two former lovers sired in the pages of Ivan Doig's acclaimed Montana Trilogy. Susan Duff - the bossy, indomitable schoolgirl with a silver voice from Dancing at the Rascal Fair-has reached middle age alone, teaching voice lessons to the progeny of Helena's high society. Wesley Williamson, a young married heir to the Double W. cattle empire, has been forced out of a political career as a result of his affair with Susan having become known. 

    Years later, Wes and Susan have reunited to share in an extraordinary goal: launching the singing career of Monty Rathbun-a man on the wrong side of the racial divide. In this triumph of sure-footed storytelling, motives and fates dangerously entangle. Set in Montana, France, Scotland, and New York during the Harlem Renaissance, Prairie Nocturne is a deeply longitudinal novel that raises everlasting questions of allegiance, the grip of the past, and the cost of passion.