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  • Автор: Orson Scott Card
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  • Orson Scott Card | Shadow Of The Hegemon

    Orson Scott Card is one of the world's bestselling SF authors, and the award-winning Ender saga is one of the best-loved series in the genre.

    SHADOW OF THE HEGEMON is the second volume in the new Ender series following ENDER'S SHADOW. Ender Wiggin and his fellow pupils at Battle School have defeated the alien forces in an extraordinary military operation.

    Ender's destiny among the stars awaits him, but for his young army it is time to return to Earth. One by one, however, they are disappearing. Earth faces a new danger, only this time the enemy is much closer to home.
    Compelling, compulsive reading, SHADOW OF THE HEGEMON is certain to thrill all fans of the original series, and attract a new generation of readers.