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  • Richard Brautigan | Trout Fishing in America

    Trout Fishing in America is by turns a hilarious, playful, and melancholy novel that wanders from San Francisco through the country’s rural waterways—a book “that has very little to do with trout fishing and a lot to do with the lamenting of a passing pastoral America . . .  An instant cult classic” (Financial Times).
    The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster is a collection of nearly one hundred poems, first published in 1968.
    And In Watermelon Sugar expresses the mood of a new generation, revealing death as a place where people travel the length of their dreams, rejecting violence and hate.
    During his lifetime, Look magazine observed, “Brautigan is joining Hesse, Golding, Salinger, and Vonnegut as a literary magus to the literate young.” A uniquely imaginative writer of the Beat movement who became an icon of the hippie era, he is still a favorite of readers today.