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  • Arthur Cotterell | The encyclopedia of world mythology

    A comprehensive reference source to the extraordinary tales and legends of the ancient world's most fascinating and beguiling mythologies Includes the myths and legends of ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Celts, and the Norse peoples Lively and informed narrative by one of the world's leading authorities on the subject Over 450 beautiful colour illustrations highlight every aspect of the fascinating characters and their legendary tales Special spreads compare and contrast key mythological and archetypal themes in the different cultures In this important volume three ancient mythologies are brought to life; the Classical mythology of ancient Greece and Rome; the fairytale myths of the Celtic world; and from Northern Europe, tales of Germanic gods, Nordic warriors and fearsome giants. For maximum accessibility each entry is listed in A-Z order, detailing characters, locations, and sites of interest, significant events, stories and symbols.

    Throughout, the ancient tales are brought to life by a wealth of imagery and including specially commissioned illustrations. Pictorial features also focus on recurring mythological themes, such as Oracles, Magic, Voyages, Heroes, and Spells, making this book universal in theme and timeless in appeal. The essential structure of the book is designed so that is it easy to use and to give maximum accessibility by detailing, from A to Z, characters, significant events, locations and sites of interest, stories and symbols. This is a complete and lavish guide to the world mythology, universal in its timeless appeal and a classic indispensable reference source on the subject