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Наличност: Спряно от продажба
Състояние: Използвано
Баркод: 9781444704631
Търговски код: 7020
Категория: Non-fiction

Christopher Somerville | Never Eat Shredded Wheat

9.90 лв.
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  • A lighthearted guide to the geography of Britain from Daily Telegraph journalist and bestselling author of Coast, Christopher Somerville
    Bognor Regis, Aberystwyth, Glasgow—can you place them on a map? Most people can't these days. What kind of countryside would you pass through on your way to the Cairngorms, or the Fens, or Northumberland? What's north of the Pennines? And what's it like when you get there? Most folk wouldn't have a clue. Increasing numbers of us don't have a basic geographical notion of these British islands.

    Blame it on a decline in formal geography teaching, or GPS and other "A-to-Z and nothing in between" devices that make us lazy—we are becoming the best traveled and least well orientated generations ever seen.

    Now Christopher Somerville, bestselling author of Coast and many other books of UK exploration, presents the basics of what belongs where, which counties border one another, and what lies beyond the Watford Gap. He reminds us of the watery bits, the lumpy bits, and the flat bits, gets to grips with the smaller islands surrounding Britain—and much more. Never Eat Shredded Wheat is a reminder of all the fascinating British geography once learned at school—geography that brings these islands vividly to life—geography which we have forgotten, or never even knew.