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  • Eric Hobsbawm | Industry and Empire

    The Industrial Revolution marks the most fundamental transformation of human life in the history of the world. It occurred, inevitably and temporarily, in the form of a capitalist economy and society, and it was also, perhaps, inevitable that it should occur in the form of a single "liberal" world economy, depending for a time on a single leading pioneer country.

    That country was Britain , and as such it stands alone in history. In his book E. J. Hobsbawm described and accounts for Britain's rise as the world's first industrial power, its decline from its temporary dominance, its rather special relationship with the rest of the world, and some of the effects of all of these on the life of the people of the country.

    The advantages of making an industrial revolution in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were considerable, but between the 1860s and the end of the nineteenth the disadvantages began to emerge. Britain's decline can be traced to the early and long-sustained start as an industrial power, which, among other things, embedded an archaic technology and business structure which became difficult to abandon, or even modify.

    Also, Britain became the primary agency of economic interchange between the advanced and backward nations, and this dependence of the underdeveloped world on Britain left her with a line of retreat into Empire and Free Trade.

    Between the wars, the single liberal world economy, theoretically self-regulating, collapsed, and the accompanying world political system also began to collapse after the Russian revolution of 1917. Britain has adjusted to these major changes, but the big question still remains--can Britain fully adapt to the changed economic world of the second half of the twentieth century and maintain a position as a major economy? And if not, what are the alternatives?

    Industry and Empire is the provocative and stimulating companion volume to Christopher Hill's Reformation to Industrial Revolution.