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  • Theodore Zeldin | The hidden Pleasures of Life

    Theodore Zeldin е обявен за един от 40-те души, чиито идеи ще имат значение за новото хилядолетие и за един от водещите британски умове. Наричан новия Балзак, всички негови книги досега са  Бестселъри. Затова ви запознаваме и с последната му книга -"The hidden pleasures of life"

    Четиво, което, както се разбира в подзаглавието, дава нов начин да си спомним за миналото и да си представим бъдещето. Как? С 28 въпроса и 28 разказа на 28 различни души, всеки от който дава различни отговори и третира малките потайности на живота. Ще ви разкаже за приключенията на първия Иранец, сдобил се с Американско гражданство и неговите "неволи" из цял свят, за стремежа на Ōshio Heihachirō да се бори с корупцията в Япония и много други. 
    Защото Theodore Zeldin иска да се отблагодари на човечеството за това, че е част от него, давайки му нещо ново, нещо, което все още няма, и както самият той казва, всяка глава от тази книга е една улика към намирането му.

    The story of a search for a new art of living. How can one escape from work colleagues who are bores and from organisations that thrive on stress? What new priorities can people give to their private lives? When the romantic ideal is disappointing, how else can affections be cultivated? If only a few can become rich, what substitute is there for dropping out? If religions and nations disagree, what other outcomes are possible beyond strife or doubt? Where there is too little freedom, what is the alternative to rebellion? When so much is unpredictable, what can replace ambition?

    Questions include: What is the great adventure of our time? What is a wasted life? How can people lose their illusions about themselves? What alternatives are there to being a rebel? What can the poor tell the rich? What could the rich tell the poor? How many ways of committing suicide are there? How can an unbeliever understand a believer? How can a religion change? How can prejudices be overcome? How can one think about the future, without trying to predict it or worrying about it? Is ridicule the most effective form of non-violent protest? How does one acquire a sense of humour? What stops people feeling completely at home in their own country? How many nations can one love at the same time? Why do so many people feel unappreciated, unloved and not fully alive? How else might women and men treat one another? What can replace the shortage of soul-mates? Is another kind of sexual revolution achievable? What can artists aim for beyond self-expression? What is more interesting than becoming a leader? What is the point of working so hard? Are there more amusing ways of earning a living? What else can one do in a hotel? What more can the young ask of their elders? Is remaining young at heart enough to avoid becoming old? What is worth knowing? What does it mean to be alive? Where can one find nourishment for the mind?