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  • Категория: Quirky & Хумор
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  • In an attempt to raise a dormant spirit lying somewhere between Fred Dibnah and Bonnie and Clyde, Dan Kieran has been on a journey to discover why life in modern Britain is so absurd and unfulfilling, and he has realized that everything comes down to just one thing: British law. Andthese verylaws are becoming as eccentric asmoustache clubs, shin-kicking championships, and even, God bless her, the Queen.And on his travels, Dan finds he s not alone, forthere are multitudes of people battling against the tedium. And so begins asatirical, fun-packedcrime spree asDan joins a group of protestors (five of whom were arrested for eating cakes in Parliament Square), spends the night on the roof of a bus station in Derby, befriends a group of pensioners who were forced to let off stink bombs in a court of law, finds King Arthur alive and well up a tree in Newbury, and discovers how afraid we should really be of terrorism.