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  • Автор: Mima Sinclair
  • Баркод : 9780857833891

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    • 1-2 делнични дни.
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  • Mima Sinclair | Rainbow Bakes Book

    If you’ve had it up to here with boring sponges, dismal fairy cakes and ‘meh’ meringues – this is one for you. 

    Mimi Sinclair’s collection of relentlessly colourful bakes is all you need to add some saccharine pizzazz to a birthday party, picnic or quiet night in. 

    With clear instructions and fantastical imagery, you can now have at it with the food colouring and bake the cakes, desserts and cookies of your wildest dreams. 

    Dive in spatula first with social media’s most revered sponge - The Rainbow Cake - or ease yourself in with some Disco Dip Valentine's cookies. Because madeira cake is depressing.