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26252 Metal Plate 15x20sm - Bacardi Cerveza Hatuey

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  • Brand: Nostalgic Art
  • Category: Signs & Magnets
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  • 26252 Metal Plate 15x20sm - Bacardi Cerveza Hatuey

  • Did you know that Bacardi is the largest alcohol company, which to this day remains a family business. Became famous for its white rum, which is so typical of Cuba, the company actually produces beer. It is this beer that is depicted on the metal plate - Bacardi Cerveza Hatuey.

    The Nostalgic Art plates, which we are happy to work with, are made in Germany with high quality metal materials and paints. All plates have an official license allowing the use of images, trademarks or logos, as well as the distribution of products.

    The plates are easy to install, they have a small hole at the four ends, which allows them to be conveniently attached. Use size-appropriate videos or a rope and enjoy your new sign that will change the space around you.

    • Material: metal
    • Size: 20 x 15 cm