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Post stamps with Alfred Hitchcock "Legends of Hollywood"| 1998

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  • Post stamps with Alfred Hitchcock "Legends of Hollywood"| 1998

  • Alfred Hitchcock™ & © The Alfred Hitchcock Trust.
    Alfred Hitchcock Presents © Universal Studios, 1997

    These post stamps are a valuable possession not only for collectors but also for Hollywood cinephiles, for Hitchcock fans, and for his birds. A fantastic gift for every psycho... fan born in 1998! 

    The stamps come with passepartout and simply need the right frame for a finished look - a frame that will allow you to hang it in your living room, bedroom, office, potentially next to a humble film award of yours. 

    This collection is in a perfect condition. 

  • • Size: 22.2 х 18.4 сm
    • Cellophane
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