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70 x 50 Signed Framed Print Adrian Higgins A Dark Turn of Mind

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  • Brand: Adrian Higgins Visual Artist
  • Category: Autographs
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  • 70 x 50 Signed Framed Print Adrian Higgins A Dark Turn of Mind

  • Signed framed photo print "A dark turn of mind" by Adrian Higgins, number 36 from 250. 

    If we can describe Higgin's work with only one word, undoubtedly this word would be "chique". 

    His work is quite extraordinary and recognizable. In fact Adrian is the one who creates this quirky yet provocative style - combining both Victorian Age and animal motives. Today his style continues to grow and his work is so specific that it can never blend in with others. 

    Although his visuals are full of detail, there is a bizarre simplicity to his work. Guaranteed, you will never get tired of looking at them. He uses digital imaging software to refine his ideas and to produce high quality digital prints. 

    The photo prints are in limited numbers and are signed by Adrian himself. Elephant Bookstore is proud to represent them. 

    A truly amazing gift with stunning presence that will contribute for the ambiance of your personal space the same way the as the Havana cigar and the seventy-year-old bourbon. We recommend with love.

  • • Signed framed print
    • Number 36 out of 250
    • Measures: 50 cm x 70 cm.