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661 School bell wooden handle L 30 cm

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  • 661 School bell wooden handle L 30 cm

  • Let's bring old-school understandings that going to school is a hobby with this stylish school bell! Yes, we mean that you should shake this bell so loud that your children will wake up and run to school without complaining, and then you will be able to have some time alone with your coffee before work. A little bit of advice: if you can't find your cat afterwards, look at the ceilings, because that is where cats that are scared for their lives hide.

    This bell is both vintage and brand-new-looking! The combination between a wooden handle and a brass body contributes to an appearance that has weight, volume, and elegance. And the sound is just wonderful - it attracts crowds of ladies and gentlemen that will ask you if you are selling the last issue of the national newspaper.

    The bell is a perfect gift for first-graders, so you can fill their ears with the joyful sound of education; for graduating students, so it can remind them of the big world that their school corridors created for them; for the favourite teacher; for collectors of vintage memorabilia and curious items, and for every person you know that has those living room "exhibition"cabinets, where they display all of their intriguing souvenirs!

    • Size: 30 (height) x 14 (diameter) cm
    • Materials: wood and brass