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Agfa paper | Agfacolor CN 312/8 | Matte | 12.7 х 17.8 сm | 100 pcs | 1980s

19.90 лв.
  • Made in Germany 

    This box contains 100 pieces of Agfa photo paper from the 1980s - a sentimental and nostalgic gift for that friend of yours whose camera is an extension of their hand! But considering its historical value, we would say that the box itself could be a wonderful part of your home environment, as a storage space or decoration.  

    Even though the product has expired, the contents have been preserved. Of course, the box travels to us from a time when the Internet was not as widespread a form of communication and analogue photography was quite prominent, while nowadays the tables have turned. This type of paper is very rare to find and the method for its development are hardly accessible. 

    If you are curious about photography, we can add that the chemical process used for the development of photos on this type of paper is called AP92/EP-2. 

    The photos of the box we have provided here are just a sample: we have a few items like this one in our store and they are all from the 80s, which means that the appearance may vary. However, the contents on the inside are the same. 
  • • Box size: 14 х 19 х 3,5 cm
    • Paper size: 12.7 х 17.8
    • Surface: matte
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