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1933 Bulgarian car tire ad

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  • 1933 Bulgarian car tire ad

  • The product here is a page from an old Bulgarian magazine, which contains various ads. Such items give you a great idea for an unconventional gift for historophiles and appreciators of old relics and vintage findings. 

    You could also choose to place it in a stylish frame and thus turn it into an attractive decoration for your home or office!

  • • Size: 20.5 x 28.5 cm
    • Carefully stored
  • Elephant Bookstore is pleased to offer vintage products with proven origins. In the Elephant Bookstore you can find original posters and billboards (poster art is our passion) since the early 20th century, books, documents and many other types of items directly related to our recent past.

    The original vintage item, this one included, is an example of a wonderful non-standard gift. In fact, our vintage products without exception fall into the category of "non-standard gifts". It is rare to find a product on our market that has such an individual spirit and carries so much history in it.

    We call our vintage gifts exclusive, original (and not only because the products are not reproductions, but really original) and non-traditional, but also successful. The vintage gift is rare, necessarily special, always demonstrates an individual attitude and of course very often guarantees success.