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Milcho Leviev - Chickpeas Soundtrack CD 1992

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  • Milcho Leviev - Chickpeas Soundtrack CD 1992

  • Copyright: ©2001 Manoukian Productions, Inc.

    With admiration for two great artists, we present to you this exclusive product, consisting of pieces you won't find online - the soundtrack from the film Chickpeas (1992, dir. Nigol Bezjian), music by Milcho Leviev.

    The story of the film is as old as the American dream: three best friends who grew up together in Lebanon decide to learn adult life in the land where everything is possible. Their destinies intertwine with love, friendship, and all the bittersweet emotions that come with growth and development.

    The film was produced by Ben Bedo Monoukian and shot in Hollywood, but the editing process ended in our own little Hollywood: Nu Boyana Film Studios. The films stars
    Arsinee Khanjian, Nazareth Kurdoghlian, Bekemzdjian, Khoren Ekmekjian, Nelly Saatjian, and Britany WelIs.

    With music composed by our unforgettable jazz virtuoso Milcho Leviev, who worked mostly in the States, this album is a loving memory of Ben Bedo Manoukian and the musician. The soundtrack was played by the Milcho Leviev Ensemble: Milcho Leviev (piano), Albert "Tootie"Heath (percussion and drums), Ray Pizzi (woodwind instruments), Nedra Wheeler (bass), and Mike Hagopian (accordion). With the special participation of the Parev String Quartet.

    1. To Los Angeles 5:29
    2. Odar Amayee Djampeki Vra (On This Lonely Road) 4:23
    3. L.A. Night 2:05
    4. Gagik's Bar (Gagik's Dance) 2:34
    5. Chickpeas 3:07
    6. Holy Family 5:33
    7. Maro's Funeral 1:25
    8. La Comparsita 1:38
    9. Uncle Dikran Here We Come 3:01
    10. Odar Amayee Djampeki Vra (On This Lonely Road) 3:24
    11. FunkArmenia 2:53
    12. Anahid's Kiss 1:21
    13. Shakespeare With An Accent 1:00
    14. L.A. Noon 3:10
    15. Vratzagan bar (Georgian Dance) 3:51
    16. Pacific Conversaton 4:00
    17. Arrived In Lose Angeles 9:35

  • • Size: 12.5 x 14 cm