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Photo portrait of Suzette Mais | French actress | 1930s

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  • Photo portrait of Suzette Mais | French actress | 1930s

  • If you have ever wanted to maybe hang a portrait of a unknown woman, that has nothing to do with your close ones, we have this portrait of French actress Suzette Maïs for you!

    Her real name was Suzette Charlotte Marie Mathilde Roux. What we know about her is that she was an aquarius and that she played in the 1931 film American Love. This photo dates back from the period between 1930 and 1950, but we can’t tell for sure, because you can’t tell the exact age of beautiful women.

    This portrait is in a relatively well-preserved condition: the paper is thick, and even though there are traces of tear around the edges, the image remains timeless. Once placed in a frame, the portrait becomes a wonderful coquette decoration for your home. The perfect addition to the gift you have prepared for a young actress, for the collectors of vintage items, and for the fans of French cinema.

  • • Size: 22 x 16.7 cm
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