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Maja D'Aoust | "A Witch's Bestiary: Visions of Supernatural Creatures"

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  • Barcode: 9781934170755
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  • Maja D'Aoust | "A Witch's Bestiary: Visions of Supernatural Creatures"

  • "A Witch's Bestiary: Visions of Supernatural Creatures" by Maja Daoust explores the animal spirit within us all. It explores the histories and deeper meanings of supernatural and mythological creatures, that also explores how these strange creatures can lead us to a better understanding of our own nature and how we react to the world around us. Each of the 21 supernatural creatures discussed has its own chapter with B&W illustrations and its mythology, with biblical histories and quotes about these creatures from other authors. The Greek, Egyptian, Jewish, Chinese, Native American significance and biblical references are enchanting.

    "I learned so much from this thought provoking and original book that challenged me to look inside and connect with my inner demons, to understand my nature and reactions and how to connect to our inner demons to help us learn to control the demons we may encounter in our lives. Gorgeous cover. Fantastic illustrations."

    • Language: English
    • Dimensions: 24 х 17 cm
    • Pages: 166
    • Cover: hardcover
    • First published: 2018
    • This edition published: 2018