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  • Please Note : The books we sell are second hand and range in condition from 'as new' to 'well-read' . But all are un-torn, complete and with no loose pages. Books that have had a harder life are offered at a discount in the store only.

  • Цена : 20.90 лв.

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  • Автор: Tadatoshi Fujimaki

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  • Seirin High’s greatest basketball superstar was the one no one literally saw coming—the invisible Kuroko!

    Tetsuya Kuroko doesn’t stand out much. In fact, he’s so plain that people hardly ever notice when he’s around. Though he’s just as unremarkable on the basketball court, that’s where his plainness gives him an unexpected edge—one that lets him execute awesome moves without others noticing!

    Seirin’s taken the lead in the semifinal match against Kaijo, but it’s in for a bad time when Kise returns to action with his Perfect Copy move. Can Kuroko and the rest of the team come up with a strategy to stop Kise before the final buzzer sounds?! Which team is destined to move on to the finale?!