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  • A N Wilson | Jesus

    The Jesus of faith and the Jesus of history are two different beings. In this study, A.N. Wilson has tried to rescue Jesus from the tangles of Christian mythology and to present the reader with a portrait of Jesus the man.

    It traces the story of how the Man of Galilee - famed and popular as a healer and teacher - came to be arrested and killed in Jerusalem. In the course of telling his story, A.N. Wilson confronts the stranger story of the origins of Christianity.

    He expounds how easy it is to make false readings of the Gospels, which are the only source-material for the life of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, his life as a carpenter in Nazareth, or, towards the end of his life, his betrayal by Judas or his institutions of the Christian Eucharist. Wilson also entertains some striking theories about the part played in this story by Saint Paul.