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  • Автор: Aldous Huxley
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  • Aldous Huxley | Texts And Pretexts

    One of the most original and lively writers of the twentieth century, Aldous Huxley achieved worldwide fame with his novels, essays and short stories.

    In his introduction to Texts and Pretexts, he wrote, 'It would have been better, I repeat, to write it all oneself - a new Divine Comedy; and, if I had the abilities of Dante, I should certainly undertake the task. But... I must content myself with picking up these broken and half-forgotten fragments from the past and fitting them, one here, another there, into their appropriate places in the jumbled mosaic of contemporary experience.'

    Binding together this personal selection of poetry (and a sprinkling of prose) are Huxley's own illuminating commentaries.