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  • Автор: Nick Hornby
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  • Nick Hornby | Triple Platinum Pb

    FEVER PITCH, winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award, stands as the definitive statement on the obsessive nature of football fandom. 'His triumph is that, without glossing over its large-scale stupidities and discomforts, he makes terrace life seem not just plausible but sometimes near-heroic in its single minded vehemence, its heart shaking highs and lows' Independent on Sunday HIGH FIDELITY hilariously and movingly explains men to women ' and to themselves. 'It is rare that a book so hilarious is also so sharp about sex and manliness, memory and music.

    Many men ' and, certainly, all addictive personalities ' will find in these pages shadows of themselves. And most of us will hear, in Hornby's acoustic prose, the obsessive chords of the past that more often lock up than liberate our hearts' New Yorker ABOUT A BOY explores the connections people make when the so-called ideal family model does not apply. 'An almost perfect book, hugely entertaining and on the side of the angels ...About a Boy is laughter in the dark' The Times