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  • Allan Pease and Barbara Pease | How Compitable Are You

    After more than 30 years of research into how people's relationships work or sometimes go wrong, Allan and Barbara Pease are constantly being asked for tips and advice as to how anyone can work out how their relationship is progressing. Now in this fun quiz book, the Peases have come up with a series of entertaining questionnaires that look at all the key aspects of how we interact, based on the subjects that they are most frequently asked about.

    There are chapters on talking and listening to help you find out if your partner is really paying attention; how to ensure that that search for an idyllic holiday home in the countryside doesn't become a nightmare when the navigator gets you hopelessly lost; how to find the right partner for you and how to make sure that once you've found them you both continue to be happy together; dealing with their in-laws and relatives; and how you can communicate properly. With their unique blend of in-depth research and witty insight into human nature, the Peases have written a book that will help you in your relationship - and make you laugh as you learn.