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    • 1-2 делнични дни.
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  • Edmund Swinglehurst | Britain Yesterday and Today

    "Britain Yesterday and Today" looks at many aspects of British life over the last 150 years, contrasting beautiful black and white images with colour photographs from the twenty-first century of the same scenes and activities. From sport and leisure to the workplace, from the countryside to the city and from shore to shore, witness the amazing changes that have taken place in British society over the last century-and-a-half, as well as those things that have reassuringly remained the same.

    Contrast crowds waiting in the rain desperate to catch a glimpse of their new sovereign at the Queen's coronation in 1953 with the flag-waving crowds jostling to see her Golden Jubilee procession fifty years later. Marvel at the beauty of our untouched countryside, discover our power stations transformed into museums and our docks into modern commercial enterprises, as well as witnessing the mistakes that have been made in the name of progress.

    See how our patterns of work have changed, as well as how Britons choose to spend their free time. "Britain Yesterday and Today" combines illuminating and informative text with 250 fascinating black and white and colour photographs to provide a unique window on Britain's past and present.