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    • 1-2 делнични дни.
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  • Art Encounters is a wonderful new fiction series designed to introduce young readers to great painters. This series brings famous works of art to life through thrilling and evocative stories that reflect the individual paintings featured, not unlike The Girl with a Pearl Earring. Each book in the series will focus on the style, techniques, and influences of great painters. Over the course of the book, the cover painting, Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, transforms from a nightmarish vision of death into a life affirming masterpiece. The story alternates between Kahlo's home in Mexico City, Casa Azul, and the journey of a teenage girl and her young brother, lost in the city. At the mystical Casa Azul, everything with a face talks, including Kahlo's pet monkey, her cat, and even the portraits on the wall. And everything has an opinion about how Kahlo should be running her life, especially since it's in shambles after her divorce from Diego Rivera. Guided by her odd friends, she helps the children and slowly regains her will to live and to create. This dramatic story offers a vivid re imagining of the life and work of a woman as well known for her amazing life as for her amazing art.