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  • Баркод: 9781845760700
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  • ISBN: 1845760700

  • Batman - War Games - Act Two - Tides

    Batman and Gotham City are caught up in a terrifying gang war between bloodthirsty mobsters, as the War Games saga continues! Stephanie - aka the Spoiler - realises the part she's played in the gang war now consuming the city, and moves to rectify her mistake...straight into the hands of Black Mask. Meanwhile, Tim Drake puts his Robin costume back on; Catwoman fights a desperate battle to protect her own;

    Batgirl faces off against the vicious Cheshire and her gang; and Batman takes unprecedented control of the Gotham City P.D.! Written by a hugely talented group of creators, including Bill Willingham (Fables) and Ed Brubaker (Gotham Central), this series will change Batman - forever!