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  • Баркод: 9781845769000
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  • ISBN: 9781845769000

  • Diana Prince - Wonder Woman vol 2

    Sent to man's world from the paradise island of Themyscira as an ambassador of peace, Diana Prince is Wonder Woman, the world's greatest superheroine!

    Having survived the terrible battle with Ares to save Paradise Island (and Earth!), Diana - still without her powers, and now without mentor I Ching - returns to her adopted world for what might be the final battle against the evil Doctor Cyber, whose machinations have left Diana's love, Steve Trevor, comatose!

    Triumph and tragedy await in this comics classic from the swingin' '70s!Writers Denny O'Neil ("Batman"), Bob Kanigher ("JLA") and artists Mike Sekowsky and Irv Novick present a crucial turning point in Wonder Woman's life!