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Наличност: Изчерпано
Състояние: Използвано
Търговски код: 21191
Категория: Playboy

Списание Playboy 1989-08

49.90 лв.
Този продукт е second hand
  • Списание Playboy 1989 август

    Vintage magazines from your date of birth? This is what you'll find, here in Elephant Bookstore - thousands of magazines and comics, including Playboy and National Geographic, all properly preserved, sorted and packed ready for a gift.

    Carefully sourced by scouring dealers in the USA, our unique collection of magazines and comics are the perfect gift  - young gentlemen and women (of course!) would love to receive say a, Playboy from the time they were born ! 

    Our magazines, starting from 1917 (yes, really!) are in very good condition and are ideal for both serious collectors and those of us who just love the period ads....... Ask us for your dates and consider also the possibility of framing the cover of your choice.