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Elephant Bookstore is far away the best place for Harry Potter fans in Bulgaria! If you do not have the chance to go to London 9 3/4 platform then visit us instead...

Elephant Bookstore is the official stockist of high-quality licensed Harry Potter products from the best British, European and American manufacturers. Moreover, you will find more than a few ‘Potterheads’ among our team, who’ll be happy to share their enthusiasm and help you make your choices.

Harry Potter Gift Jewellry

Harry Potter 1
Harry Potter - Gryffindor scar

The jewellry you can find in Elephant Bookstore is designed under the supervision of Warner Bros, by the British company ‘The Carat Shop’, famous for their work with Swarovski crystals. The charms they make can be worn separately but also as the perfect addition to the Pandora range.   For the ladies there is a fabulous choice of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, and why not the original Harry Potter watches (please pay attention to the word ‘original’ as we mention it deliberately). The gentlemen fans of Harry Potter will enjoy the Harry Potter badges and will proudly display their admiration for the series.  Harry Potter fans have never looked so good!

The braver among you may pick a unique necklace like the Harry Potter Golden Snitch, the Harry Potter Magic Wand or the Harry Potter Knight Bus (true fans will always recognize the bus which transported the characters on many occasions). More adventurous Harry Potter fans might like to create a Harry Potter themed room, with posters and puzzles to decorate the walls. The Harry Potter jigsaw puzzles with hundreds of pieces may take much effort and head-scratching, but are definitely worth it!  You will easily fall into the world of Harry Potter magic.

The jewellry and key chains of the Harry Potter collection will help you be loud and proud that you are a keen fan of the Harry Potter world. The mascots could decorate a desk, and the notebooks could be used to record the most important notes and tasks in everyday life. To the biggest fans of reading Harry Potter, we present some books copies signed by the author. Again, we would like to emphasize that they are original and especially supplied to Elephant Bookstore by the official Harry Potter manufacturers. The retro-shaped Harry Potter mugs, with their vintage design come in a branded Harry Potter box, as you’d expect. Some of them represent the original illustrations of Marie Grand-Pré from the covers of the Harry Potter books. As with the other officially licensed Harry Potter products that we stock, they are crafted with close attention to detail, intended as they are, for the most loyal Harry Potter fans. contributes to the authenticity of all the Harry Potter products.

You need a suitable present for a true Harry Potter fan?

You are thinking in the right direction. The Harry Potter items are ideal for anyone who knows the characters and loves the Harry Potter stories and even the most avid Harry Potter fan will find items that they won’t have seen anywhere else – all authentic, original and licensed Harry Potter items, as you’d expect from Elephant Bookstore!

Harry Potter 2
Harry Potter and the chambers of secrets

You won’t be surprised to hear that such Harry Potter enthusiasts are also fans of the ‘Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them’ series.  The most appropriate place to find branded licensed products is our English vintage bookstore. Our doors are wide open for both lovers and non-fans of Harry Potter, however, surrounded by connoisseurs of the Harry Potter series even those late to the Harry Potter party could just find themselves entering this magical world!  The books and fascinating worlds of Harry Potter have something for everyone and all ages.  ‘Harry Potter’ is the password to a world of imagination and fantasy and we’d love to help you with that!

What is that - to be e real Harry Potter fan?

Harry Potter fans are a unique breed and feel great passion and involvement in the world that J K Rowling created, so rich in all its aspects.  Throughout the series of great books, there are many layers of characters, places and events, so that enthusiasts can show their commitment and feel connected, by owning a huge variety of items.

We, at Elephant Bookstore, clearly the number one centre for Harry Potter merchandise are delighted to offer a huge wealth of carefully chosen treasures, selected from around the world with great discretion to bring you the ultimate experience.  Visitors to our shop feel that they have entered a place that caters to their interest in Harry Potter like no other.  Our website also shows the vast range, to suit different tastes and pockets and allows fans to order for home delivery, confident they are choosing the best from the best.

Our wonderful items include enamel badges, discreet yet colourful enough to signal to other fans that you are a ‘Potterhead’ and which particular house you might favour.   Less subtle are the character aprons, showing the uniform of each house, but what you do in the kitchen is nobody’s business but your own!  Whilst in the kitchen, tea can be served in the mugs we’ll be pleased to help you with – the choice is massive, but luckily our staff are keen to help.  True fans will know what they want, but someone buying a present for a follower might appreciate a little guidance and Elephant Bookstore is the right place for that.

Harry Potter 3
Harry Potter - Coffee cup

For decoration there are unique enamel signs, posters, cards and postcards – if you have a present to buy for someone who loves these books the world created there, you are spoiled for choice and now have the solution!  All the items can be ordered online and you can even choose to have them beautifully gift-wrapped.  As standard, they come nicely presented in secure packaging with the highest hygiene standards and delivered to your door, or even the door of the lucky recipient of the gift!  Let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

And... about Nobel Collection and the connection with Harry Potter.

Elephant Bookstore, after particularly careful searching, has found a French company who can supply us with replica wands made to an unbelievably high standard – so much so, that we were advised to remind customers that any actual magic power when using the wands would be entirely coincidental   They also produce a replica Nimbus 2001 that has to be seen to be believed!

The world of Harry Potter is also brought to life with notebooks, pencils, amazing pens, stickers, key fobs, working models, watches, shopping bags, jigsaws, scarves, ties (for each of the houses) even socks!  Not to mention storage boxes, umbrellas, maps, plush models of Fluffy the Three headed Dog and Hedwig the owl, Nifflers, wallets, the list goes on, as Elephant scours the globe for the pick of the crop….

And of course, the books.  We have many different editions of the wonderful series of books, new and second hand and as many different editions as we can lay our hands on.  Sometimes we even have signed copies (did we mention signed posters of the film actors?) and first editions, whenever possible.  Plus books of Harry Potter cookery and spell-making, Histories of Magic, in fact anything we can find to do with Harry Potter that fans will find fascinating….

You have come to the right place!

Harry Potter Gift Jewellry

You need a suitable present for a true Harry Potter fan?

What is that - to be e real Harry Potter fan?

And... about Nobel Collection and the connection with Harry Potter.