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Behold, comics lovers, here you can find our unique collection of DC Comics titles. Yes, we know you have a passion for comic books, especially those of the DC Comics series, and that's why you're here. So do we.

We know good comics and we have a beautiful DC Comics collection that we want to share here with you. Browse on!

What is DC Comics?

DC Comics 1
DC Comics - Suicide Squad

DC Comics (Detective Comics) is an American comic book publisher. In fact, it is one of the oldest and largest comic book companies. It all started in 1938 when DC Comics published the first Superman comic book (it’s actually arguable what the first DC Comics superhero was or what their first comic title was, but we won’t get into this now).

DC Comics characters – favorite to all of us

What’s more interesting than talking about the DC Comics publisher is focusing on the magical art work they have created. The publisher has invented the original DC Universe and has brought to life some of our most favorite comic book characters. Yes, we’re talking about the renown superheroes Superman (the core character of DC Comics), Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Green Lantern, the Flash, just to name a few. Not to forget our favorite DC Comics villains – the Joker, Lex Luthor, and the lovely Harley Quinn, among many others. These iconic characters are well known among comic fans, but they also gained global fame outside the comic book society thanks to the numerous Hollywood Box Office hit movies based on the DC Comics. 

Overall, there are numerous DC Comics characters, adding up to around 10,000 in total (all with unique abilities). DC Comics gave their heroes more God-like characteristics (some characters were inspired by mythological Gods). In contrast, Marvel Comics, which is the other main comic book publisher, applied a more human approach and made their heroes more like normal people with superheroic capacities.

The DC Universe (where DC Comics characters reside) is like the real world we know, with the exception that there exist superheroes and supervillains. They possess extraordinary powers that allow them to do things that are beyond the capabilities of a regular human being. Those who have moral virtues and do good deeds that benefit the whole society are classified as heroes. Following the law of duality, where there is good inevitable evil should exist. In every title, the DC Comics superheroes face their protagonists, who usually fight for their own profit and are considered evil. With this contrast and the interesting stories behind each character, there’s no surprise DC Comics titles are so popular with every generation.

DC Comics 2
DC Comics - Batman

It would be impossible to name the most popular or most loved DC Comics character is. According to different rankings, the top three most recognizable DC Comics characters are Superman, Batman and the Joker.

DC Comics heroines kick ass

Ahh, this is a whole world by itself. DC Comics female superheroes (and villains, of course) are important not only because they are awesome, but because they empower girls and show them they, too, can be strong and kick ass. Fan fact: in the 1950s and 1960s the majority of comic readers (about 55%) were girls. The first recognizable female heroine created by DC Comics was Wonder Woman. She no doubt is the most powerful female in the DC Universe. In our opinion, she is the most powerful female superhero ever created. At our bookstore, you can find different DC Comics titles dedicated entirely to her.

Other well-known DC Comics superheroines include Supergirl, Batgirl, Mera, Black Canary, Stargirl, and many, many more. There are all interesting and with various abilities. And so are DC Comics female villains – our most favorite ones are Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman.

Authentic DC Comics books for the classic fan

That’s right, we have original American and UK DC Comics issues. Thousands of them. Our beautiful collection consists of mostly second-hand comics from the Silver, Bronze and Modern Ages. Elephant Bookstore offers the best selection of DC Comics titles you can find on the local market.

With our comprehensive DC Comics collection, you can easily get lost in the pages of a new title. There’s something special about comic books, especially the iconic ones from the DC Comics creators. Avid readers will agree with us that the comics are better than the movies based on them. We, personally, find the drawings and color of comics magical; the characters are more charismatic; and the plot is revealed in a very appealing graphic way.

Browse our online catalog to find DC Comics issues and titles that are missing in your personal collection. You can also visit us in the bookstore to chat in person. We, too, are big fans of DC Comics and totally love them.

Surprise a friend with a special DC Comics gift

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DC Comics - Flash

Don’t miss out on surprising a nerdy friend with a DC Comics gift – they will surely appreciate it. We’re specialists when it comes to DC Comics. We can give you our expert opinion and guide you in choosing the right present (especially if you visit us at the bookstore). We can help you make any special occasion even more special by supplying DC Comics titles and other related items. You can bring the perfect gift to a birthday or anniversary and make the day even more special. FYI, we have more than just comics. In Elephant Bookstore you can find a wide range of merchandise that every DC Comics avid fan would like. We should know, we are also in the superhero fan club ourselves. You can choose from a wide variety of high-quality products. You know us, we are all about quality and unique gifts. Here you can find original prints signed by the DC Comics artists, Harley Quinn’s baseball bat replicas, vintage superhero logo bags, as well as DC Comics branded superhero mugs and water bottles, keychains, notebooks, posters and canvas prints, metal signs, playing cards, puzzles, etc. Some of our products are officially licensed by DC Comics.

What is DC Comics?

DC Comics characters – favorite to all of us

DC Comics characters – favorite to all of us

Authentic DC Comics books for the classic fan

Surprise a friend with a special DC Comics gift

DC Comics 5
DC Comics- look at all of our suggestions!