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Elephant Bookstore is the official distributor of The Carat Shop, the British manufacturer of the silver Swarovski jewels from the Harry Potter brand, with the authorization of Warner Bros.
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Swarovski - Harry Potter

The Swarovski brand is established in the far 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, a master in crystal cutting. Daniel Swarovski turns out to be not only an excellent professional, but a person of great business flair. His passion for innovation and perfect design leads to the creation of extremely precise jewels which gradually win ladies hearts all over the world. Swarovski’s heirs continue to develop the brand until today, when their jewelry means quality and craftsmanship, symbol for style, prestige and welfare.

Why Swarovski Jewelry Is So Liked?

There are number of reasons why Swarovski products are so highly desired and liked around the world. These include their unique production process, their perfect designs and, of course, the symbolism they carry. In the following lines we will try to summarize the main factors behind Swarovski's success:

Swarovski Jewelry: Unique Manufacturing Process - Swarovski jewelry is crafted through a unique manufacturing process that is kept strictly confidential by the company. It is only known that a combination of quartz sand and other minerals is used in to help maximize crystal diffraction. First the crystals are shaped, and then they are cut precisely with the company's patented cutting machines and polished. Eventually, this process results in many veneers (up to 100 in number), each of which refracts light in different directions. It is this incredible aesthetic effect that turns Swarovski jewelry to be the definitive choice of high society dames, who strive for perfection and do not make any compromise with their vision.

Swarovski Jewelry: Exquisite Designs - Whether you choose a ring, a necklace or earrings from the Swarovski brand, these will work great for you. The company is famous for its incredibly precise jewels with special attention to every detail. Swarovski's designs are being constantly updated according to the fashion trends, as well as to the requirements and preferences of the ladies. They are predestined to become the perfect accent to the modern feminine appearance, perfectly fitting to clothing, shoes, bag and various accessories.

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Swarovski - Elephant Bookstore

Swarovski Jewelry: Different Sizes - The Swarovski brand relies on personalization to meet the tastes and preferences of as many women as possible. Each type of Swarovski jewelry is available in several different sizes, thanks to which you have the opportunity to make the most accurate and appropriate choice for yourself. Maybe you want a more discreet necklace that will just be a stylish addition to your casual wear? Or you prefer to bet on one that is visible from a distance and makes a strong impression on everyone around you? In both cases, the Swarovski brand is the right choice for you!

Swarovski Jewelry: Symbolism and Prestige - A naturally significant role in the success of Swarovski has the public image the brand has managed to build over the years. An image of symbol of style, prestige and affiliation to a select group of society. Swarovski is the choice of many popular figures in the history of cinema and television - Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and more. Swarovski jewelry can be spotted in the scenes of popular films broadcast around the world, as well as at major fashion events, cultural festivals and other socially significant events.

What Products From The Swarovski Brand Can Be Found Elephant Bookstore?

Our English vintage bookstore Elephant Bookstore offers to its customers some of the finest Swarovski products licensed by and created for Warner Bros. Here with us you can purchase Swarovski rings, necklaces and earrings in various sizes, shapes and designs. Here's some more information about the Swarovski products in Elephant Bookstore’s catalog:

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Silver Ring - an officially licensed product crafted under the supervision of Warner Bros. What makes it even more special is the fact that it is part of the Swarovski series. It is made of solid silver with highest quality. In addition, there is a crystal of considerable size in the middle, with numerous small fine pebbles around it. By purchasing the ring from Elephant Bookstore you will also receive a Swarovski certificate of origin and quality of the crystals. We offer sizes M and S. It will be packed in a special gift box, also part of the official Harry Potter collection.

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Swarovski - Jewelry

Harry Potter Swarovski Necklaces - We also offer several different necklace models, officially licensed by Warner Bros. And also part of the Swarovski series. They are made of pure silver with high quality and precision. You can choose from the Harry Potter Necklaces – Time Turner, Always, the Flying Key and the Golden Snitch, as well as the Harry Potter necklaces consisting of a charm and a silver chain - the Relics of Death and the Lightning Bolt. All of these models feature exquisite Swarovski crystals, and the products will come in a special Harry Potter gift box.

Harry Potter Swarovski Earrings - Elephant Bookstore also offers Harry Potter earrings that are part of the Swarovski collection. They are made with so-called French hooks, which are also silver and are completely safe for your skin. Swarovski crystals decorate the silver base of the earrings, making them even more glamorous and stylish. You can choose from the Whomping Willow and the Lightning Bolt. Harry Potter Swarovski earrings will come to you with a special gift box and a sticker to confirm their authenticity.

The combination of Harry Potter and Swarovski brands leads to high quality, stylish and creative products. Items that will stand out perfectly for every lady and will be the perfect complementary accent to her casual wear. Browse the catalog of our English vintage bookstore Elephant Bookstore and choose the Swarovski jewels that best meet your requirements, taste and preferences!

Why Swarovski Jewelry Is So Liked?

What Products From The Swarovski Brand Can Be Found Elephant Bookstore?

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