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Barcode: 9781035406609
Trade code: 57053
ISBN: 9781035406609

Dr Luana Marques | Bold Move

64.90 лв.
  • Bold Move is Harvard-based psychotherapist Dr. Luana Marques' unique, tried and tested method to get you out of your rut and find the courage to create a more confident and meaningful life. Dr.

    Marques understands anxiety. After decades of research, teaching and clinical practice, she realized that the coping techniques she learned from her mother and grandmother while growing up in poverty in Brazil mimicked science-based CBT therapy. Now, she has synthesized that knowledge, developing a 3-step path that works for everyone - from teens in crisis to executives experiencing burnout.

    By pinpointing the anxiety at the root of avoidance Dr Marques shows how you can overcome it and achieve your goals. Bold Move includes concrete examples and exercises backed by the most recent clinical and scientific research. The 3-step plan:- Helps you recognize thinking patterns that leave you feeling tense, anxious, and worried- Outlines the many forms that avoidance can take, including seeking comfort from others- Explains the importance of being your own 'thought lawyer- 'Shows you why 'just do it' doesn't get it done.

    - Strategizes how you can build on your values to establish boundaries and make room for your dreams. Bold Move is a groundbreaking, transformative programme that works for everyone - for practitioners and, most notably, those dealing with mental health challenges from underserved communities who have been overlooked and neglected for too long.
  • • Language: English
    • Format: 15.4 x 23.4 cm
    • Volume: 304 pages
    • Covers: paperback
    • Year of issue: 2023.