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3337 CF Maharajah Beard Balm

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  • Brand: Captain Fawcett
  • Category: Christmas Body Care Gifts for Men
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  • 3337 CF Maharajah Beard Balm

  • Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with The Jodhpur Company has resulted in a most outstanding Signature Series: Maharajah!

    This rich Beard Balm conjures India’s princely opulence and softens one’s noble mane. Redolent of aromatic smoke and the crush of bright petals, this voluptuous fragrance is created by the Captain’s master blender, weaving heady rose with peppery spice, rich musk, cedar & leather studded with dazzling citrus top notes; a majestic evocation of ancient power alchemised as a most elegant fragrance entirely befitting the modern gentleman.

    All Hail the Hirsute.

    Supplied in an aluminium tin with a screw top lid.

    Quantity: 60ml 2 fl oz