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PP200-1005EU Small Notepad - Cornflower Vegan Letherette

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  • Brand: Designworks ink
  • Category: Notebooks & Stationery
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  • Product code: PP200-1005EU

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  • PP200-1005EU Small Notepad - Cornflower Vegan Letherette

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    Do you remember the beautiful notebooks that you can find in your grandmother's cupboard or your grandfather's desk? Today we call them vintage, but they were all the smartphones of the generation in which modern people wrote daily notes, cooking notes, obligations, birthdays in the calendar or even illogical notes.

    Well, here, Designworks ink takes us back to this era of pre-war Europe with its collection of notebooks. Their great cover is made of vegan materials that have not been tested on animals, but are great to the touch and if we don't tell you they are vegan, you will never know. This definitely does not make them synthetic, which is another reason to work with the brand.

    The vertical notebook is very convenient for keeping quick notes "on foot" or even sketches while traveling and takes up very little space. This great notebook has soft writing pages with lines. There is no unnecessary decoration and it is very convenient for everyday use. The soft cover will not crumple in your bag, and with the lace, you will easily mark your most important notes. Finally, there is the magnetic tab, which closes your secrets tightly in the notebook.

    What do you need to finish today?

    • Volume: 96 pages
    • Cover: soft
    • Format: 13.3 x 8.3 cm