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Signed Photograph Rupert Grint

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  • Signed Photograph Rupert Grint

  • The boy lived, and so did his friends. Now, they can sign autographs for their millions of fans around the world. If Ruper Grint is one of your favourites, you have the opportunity to hang a framed photo with his autograph in your lovely home!

    In some rare cases the signed items are not in an "ideal condition", even in those circumstances they are in a "really good condition". The reason behind this is because the autographs are usually taken in a dynamic and spontaneous environment, which of course does not ensure the safety of the item (usually a card or a photograph). 

    The framing: we frame as if it's for ourselves, with the highest standard and pre-designed idea. High quality control, glass and carefully chosen passepartout and frame (individually chosen for each work) from Italian or Czech wood.

    • Certificate
    • Wooden frame

    Mark Kirkup (AFTAL dealer #12) offers authentic items with all the necessary knowledge and skills required. The photograph was signed by Rupert Grint himself in October 2017 in London.

    We buy our signed items from the UK and Hollywood by famous certified dealers such as AFTAL and UACC that guarantee their authenticity. Elephant Bookstore is one of the few places in Europe with such variety and guarantees their high quality.