Iassen Ghiuselev Framed Print Alice in Wonderland General View

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  • Iassen Ghiuselev Framed Print Alice in Wonderland General View

  • The method Giclee is a revolutionary way of accurately reproducing a painting. For the preparation of giclee, primarily you have to take a high quality photo of the original painting. Through HQ printer, the image is printed on canvas, then the artist apply by hand final touches with paint on the canvas.

    The purpose is to achieve the relief of the original artwork. Thus giclee has all features, shades and tones of the originaл painting. Usually the impressions are printed in a limited edition.

    Iassen Ghiuselev uses the best possible ink for this kind of printing process - CHARBONNEL (best world known company for professional ink - Lefranc Bourgeois, France).

    The framing: made with high quality control. Each graphic has its own unique frame. We care not only about estethics (although they look perfect), but safety is as important for us - two metal ropes (on separate levels), different options for hanging and table exposure. Each graphic made with suitable frame and passe-partout.

    • Limited copies
    • Framed 
    • Size: 45.5 х 87 cm