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  • Brand: PIPPI Muurla
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  • Glass Bottle Pippi and the Horse 1L

    Made by Muurla.

    Glass bottle Pippi and the horse. Did you know, that Pippi Longstocking has a friend Horse living at her porch? She certainly does, and they make the most fantastic duo. Sometimes Pippi even lifts Horse up above her head, as she is the strongest girl in the world!

    Muurla combines design with durability in retro design. They are suitable not only for traditional table setting but also for any kind of outdoor use - including hiking, cottage and boat. Machine washable.

    Moomin's collection is made in honor of the Finnish writer Tove Jansson recreating memorable scenes and characters from Moominland. 

    • Capacity: 1 litre
    • Material: glass, plastic, metal
    • Dishwasher safe