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Autograph by Ralph Fiennes | Voldemort | Framed

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  • Autograph by Ralph Fiennes | Voldemort | Framed

  • There was a time when everybody was scared to say Voldemort's name out loud, but nobody ever thought that putting him inside a frame, literally, would deprive him of his powers over you. Not even his pathetic Avada Kedavras would reach you.

    However, this doesn't make this framed photo any less special! With an autograph from the spectacular Ralph Fiennes, this photograph would cause the goosebumps to slyther under the skin of every Harry Potter fan and their descendants. Wasn't there an unspoken rule that every muggle-like wizard should pass down the knowledge about "The Boy Who Lived"to their children, who would then do the same with their children? Well, with an exclusive gift like this one you will most certainly solidify your family's long-term memory!

    As for the framing: we frame as it is for ourselves, choosing quality products and maintaining a high standard. This way, we make sure the item is ready to become the best gift you have ever given!

    Beckett Letter of Authenticity is one of the most well-respected companies in the authentication industry globally. Based in the USA and with a team of professional authenticators, its mission is to stamp out the market of fake items and ensure that the customer is able to find dealers that they can trust.

    Address: 4635 McEwen Road, Dallas, TX 75244

    You can double-check for proof of authenticity on the BAS's (Beckett Authentication Services) official website

    Certification Number: U17732

  • • Size: 38.5 х 31 х 2.9 cm
    • Certificate
    • Wooden frame