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Autograph by Shirley Henderson | Moaning Myrtle | Framed

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    Fast delivery with Econt

  • Autograph by Shirley Henderson | Moaning Myrtle | Framed

  • Have you ever thought just how much we undermine the art of the wet room - toilet, bathroom, laundry space? Even the Meryl Streep the Great has mentioned that she keeps her Oscars in the bathroom for a special effect.

    Here, we offer you what is probably the perfect decoration for your precious 'me' space, where you find peace: a framed photograph with the autograph of actress Shirley Henderson, in her portrayal of Moaning Myrtle. The No.1 Cry-baby of the Harry Potter saga will definitely help you steam the mirrors, as you both complain about a tough day at work, trying to escape from every living thing, including the kids (let's say you are part of the grownup portion of the fandom). Maybe she will also reveal a secret or two...

    This carefully framed photo is ready to hang above any taps! It is also an amazing gift not only for J.K. Rowling fans, but also for collectors of rare signed photos. This original photograph was signed by Ms Henderson in the heart of the Harry Potter franchise - London. We have chosen the frame with the colour and style of the image in mind, just like we would frame photos for our own homes. After all, we should always find a way to keep the magic alive, even if we keep on moaning!

  • • 32 x 27 x 1 cm
    • Certificate
    • Wooden frame
  • Mark Kirkup (AFTAL dealer #12) offers authentic items with all the necessary knowledge and skills required. The Autograph Fair Trade Association (AFTAL) was set up by a group of acknowledged autograph dealers with the intention of stamping out the market in fake items and ensuring that the customer is able to find dealers that they can trust.

    Office 34 67-68 Hatton Garden London, EC1N 8JY United Kingdom.

    You can double-check for proof of authenticity on the COA's official website here.
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