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Barcode: 9780717189700
Trade code: 53888
ISBN: 9780717189700

Robert Sheehan | Disappearing Act: A Host of Other Characters in 16 Short Stories (signed)

139.90 лв.
  • Irish actor Robert Sheehan's literary debut represents a vast array of characters, just like his roles, all collected in 16 short and very personal stories. The catch? At Elephant, you can find a piece of the actor's true self - his autograph can be seen on the first pages of his book. 

    The actor visited our bookstore four times during September and October, during a film production in Sofia. Unfortunately, we could not notify his fans, with respect for his personal space, time, and peace. However, Robert's love for the admirers of his work left a few limited signatures in our hands, which you might still be able to get. 

    You can find an unsigned copy of the book HERE or in Elephant Bookstore.
  • • Language: English
    • Size: 14 x 22 cm
    • Pages: 274
    • Hardcover
    • First edition: 2021
    • Year: 2021
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