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Tsvetina Rangelova | FEAR (signed by the author)

44.90 лв.
  • “FEAR” by the Bulgarian author Tsvetina Rangelova is a book written in depth. 
    While we, as a reading society, have a tendency to understand books, it is sometimes a rarity for a book to understand a human being – that is what “FEAR” does. 

    To try to define this bilingual poetic piece would mean to call it a storm, an inevitability, the Absolute: everything we are afraid to look at and, most importantly, everything that happens after we somehow manage to face those fears. 

    Emotionally, “FEAR” is a beautiful dance between hope and darkness. Just like a human being, the book is asking very uncomfortable questions, giving frightening answers and breathing through the reader. 

    Tsvetina Rangelova has told a very personal story – personal to all the people in the world. 
    So “FEAR” is a very strong book with a bittersweet aftertaste but, nonetheless, one that is freeing, beautiful and dark. 

    Every word in this book is carefully placed on its pages – it doesn’t belong to a human, to a nationality, or to age.

    It's timeless and chaotic. 
    Just like a very strong person would seem, and it has the exact same effect. 

    Tsvetina Rangelova is born on the 10th of December 1998 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
    This is her second poetic book, but it is the first time the author has decided to let us into her English works. 

  • • Language: English and Bulgarian
    • Size: 15 x 21 cm
    • Pages: 232
    • Papercover
    • Year: 2022