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Barcode: 840214803888
Trade code: 55061
Product code: JBE86-2050EU

JBE86-2050EU Notebook standard issue - blue

34.90 лв.
  • If your desk is littered with an endless amount of notes, if you're constantly wondering where and what to write down, if you spend hours looking for that little piece of paper that actually stuck to your sleeve, if... you need a notebook!

    Well, Designworks ink is taking us back to the era of notepads, neat notebooks and the pencil behind the ear, because let's face it - it's convenient and will never go out of style. The awesome cover of this notebook is made from vegan materials that are not tested on animals, but they feel great to the touch and if we didn't tell you they were vegan, you'd never know. This definitely does not make them synthetic, which is the other reason for working with the brand.

    The notebook is very convenient for taking quick notes "on the go" or even sketches while traveling and takes up very little space. This great notebook has soft-to-write lined pages. It lacks unnecessary decoration and is very comfortable for everyday use. The paperback won't get crumpled in your bag and you'll easily jot down your most important notes.

    What do you have to do today?
  • • Volume: 192 pages
    • Cover: paperback
    • Format: 21 x 17 cm